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Career Opportunities


Electricians in Ontario can make upward of over $100k per year.

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Certified by the Chief Prevention Officer

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Industrial Electrician

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An Interactive
learning Experience

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Flexible Schedule

This program available 7 days a week.
We have flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. We also have the option of coming to your workplace.

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12 Week Courses

Students will receive more individualized attention and interact more with instructors and more flexibility to use different instructional approaches.

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Small Class Size

Small size classes can provide you with individualized attention and personalized feedback on your performance.


Environments to boost
your learning

What’s in it for me?

Graduates of our Electrical program leave with a full set of high end Milwaukee Tools, including a tool belt and Milwaukee Backpack, A Milwaukee drill and bit kit, PPE – hardhat, safety glasses and safety vest, safety certifications, and textbooks. But most importantly, the skills and knowledge of a second year apprentice. After completing our program, you will have the confidence and hands-on experience needed to start working and become an asset to any company.

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Scottie Barnes holding a drill

why become an electrician?

Electricians are very well respected in the construction industry.  It takes a very specialized set of skills and knowledge to work with electricity every day.  A career as an Electrician can provide a salary substantially higher than the national average.  Working in construction will allow you to strike that work-life balance that we are all looking for.  A career in the trades allows you the time and will pay you the money you need to support your family, and at the same time pursue your hobbies and passions.  Live the life you deserve – Love Life, Work Construction.

Why a

Receiving the necessary training from a pre-apprentice program can mean having an apprenticeship or not. Remember, as an apprentice you are asking a contractor to hire you.Gone are the days of showing up to a contractor with no experience.  Contractors are looking for new hires that bring skills to the table and a genuine passion to work in the trades.

By taking our pre-apprenticeship program you are showing your potential new employer that you are 1. Serious 2. Skilled & 3. Ready to Work!

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get Job-Ready in only Twelve Weeks